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Gestalt First Things First Amaryllis VHMP
DOB: December 29, 2023
Reg. No.: AKC: NP88808602 | CKC: AN-LY4298296
Bred By: Gestalt Eurasiers | Winter Botanicals Litter
Sire: Naku's Major Dutch Shaefer (Canada)
Dam: Braxena Apple Rhubarb

Coat Color: Red
Color Genetics: Ay/*

DWLM: Clear thru Parentage

Health testing to be completed as she grows.
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Accomplishments & Accolades
  • Youngest Best in Open Show Winner at 4 months, 12 days, for 4 points toward her Certificate of Merit.


Just Little Pal

Rylli is still just a puppy, and we're taking all the time she needs to grow and mature into her best self. I try not to project too much personality into a growing dog, but I adore her so why not wax poetic? Rylli, from as soon as she had her ears open, has been a thoughtful, intelligent and fun little dog. Affectionate and cuddly but never boisterous or rude, she's an absolute doll.

She's one of those little puppies you can take anywhere-- she is thoughtful, when something is new or novel, and watches with patience and then looks readily toward her people for attention & a snack. She is as friendly as any young dog ought to be, handicaps herself well when playing with puppies who are smaller than her, but enjoys a good romp with her bigger friends and mother. She's just the sweetest lamb and I'm so excited to watch her continue to grow.


Nutmeg Cluster, Brooklyn, CT
May 11, 2024: BPUP Group 1, Best in 4-6 Month Puppy Class, Best in Open Show

Rylli made a splash of a debut, showing to a BPUP Group 1, a Best in Class & a Best in Open Show win on her first day of showing in the AKC ring. She finished her Beginner Puppy career with six pointed toward her Certificate of Merit.

Ladies' Dog ClubWrentham, MA

June 1 & 2, 2024: BPUP Best Opposite Sex

Paws By The Sea Cluster, Norwalk CT

June 7-9, 2024: 2x Best 4-6 Month Female Puppy; 1x Best of Breed, 1x Best Opposite Sex​

Wampanoag-Hockomock Kennel Club, Wrentham, MA

June 27, 2024: Best of Breed, FSS Group 1
June 28, 2024: FSS Group 1


Public health records linked where applicable. Visit OFA for to view International Ratings Matrix for Hips. Definitions & explanations for Elbow results can be found through the IEWG & OFA.
Other health records available through Eurasier Databank (Account Required). Pedigrees do not tell a complete story for any dog, but requirements for OFA CHIC and explanations for health issues within the breed may also be beneficial reading.
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