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Basic Run Down

My name is Kelsey, I live in Massachusetts. I really like Eurasiers... and cats, come to think of it. To be honest I like most things, but I am a touch picky about it because I’ve a bit of a just-so sort of personality. I have always had Siamese and color-point mix cats because they are pesky, high energy, affectionate and highly engaged with their people. In cat circles, they’re dog-like. In dog circles, Eurasiers and other spitz breeds are cat-like. Somewhere in the Venn diagram of finding those traits appealing in both species, you’ll find me. I have a background in art (weaving) but work in IT/Networking.


New Puppy to Parent Club Board Pipeline

It is a familiar story: you decide you want a dog, and come to recognize that the Eurasier is the breed for you. My personal considerations were: I own a small computer repair/IT networking business with a walk-in store front, I own two cats, and generally enjoy sleeping in when I can. I had a Norwegian Elkhound as a child who ignited a love inside of me for all dogs who are a little too cool for me... however, elkies, charmers that they are, are probably just too much dog for me. I don't hunt. I enjoy rest.

Woman in a green suit with a Eurasier in her lap, feet tucked over her legs. Both smile at he camera.

I brought home my first Eurasier from Braxena Eurasiers in March 2019 (That's Rhu). I joined the Board of US Eurasier Club in October 2019, as Clerk. The position was a non-voting Officer role the board that could only be held by residents of Massachusetts, so both a perfect beginner’s seat to learn from... but further proof I cannot have a casual relationship with a burgeoning hobby. Simultaneously, between training my puppy, beginning to attend performance and conformation events, and eventually stepping to a Directors position for the USEC in 2021 as the Communications Coordinator my life has become very dog focused. Pity those who knew me in the before-times. As of 2023, I am the Clerk, Communications Coordinator, and AKC Liasion, and participate in as a chair for the AKC Committee for the US Eurasier Club.

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July 2023 : Showsight Ad
Sept. 2023 : Showsight -
 Kelsey Keefe: Owner Handler

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Gestalt Eurasiers

Kennel name! It's like naming a dog, only it's every dog you produce.

Have you ever tried to come up with a Kennel name? Honestly, what a process. Many connect to the breeder’s name, or where they are from, which I didn’t find particularly interesting because I think Massachusetts is boring & my surname is not a good kennel name at all. In design and psychology, Gestalt is a German word which means the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In the arts and particularly graphic design, Gestalt is the concept of visual elements (shape, value, line, proximity, et cetera) that, when separated are meaningless but combine they to create a final form that is more effective and successful.

In conversations about dogs the (idealistic) goal of breeding is that you are trying to exemplify the dog's conformation to the breed standard, so the actual appearance of your dog; temperament, matching both the breed standard itself, but also being a nice, companionable pet; and finally health: a well mannered dog who is physically the ideal means very little when the animal is unhealthy and unable to function. There is, too, a working ability, and the animal’s drive and work-ethic, but to me this often falls under temperament, and for Eurasier in particular they are a companion breed so their primary function is to be the ideal family pet.


Eurasier are a modern breed, whose foundation is a deliberate cross-breeding of Wolfspitz (Keeshond), Chow Chow and Samoyed. The goal of this breeding program was to create a primitive-looking breed who had a gentle, solid temperament that would excel as a family pet. This combination of foundation dogs captures the feelings behind a Gestalt breeding program: the grand sum is a unique breed that is distinct, singular, and very much able to stand on their own merits.

The logo for Gestalt Eurasiers attempts to utilize some principles of gestalt design. The G is a Eurasier. I think it is cute.

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