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Braxena Apple Rhubarb CM3 CGCA CGCU TKI VHMA ATT
DOB: January 22, 2019
Reg. No.: AKC: NP65362001 | CKC: 1143296
Bred ByBraxena Eurasiers
Sire: Bel Ami von der Traunseebahn (Austria)
Dam: Albionspitz Braxee Cari (UK)

Height: 22.5 inches
Weight: 63 pounds
Coat Color: Red
Color Genetics: Ay/At EmE SS BB


OFA Results - Embark Results

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patella: Normal
Dentition: Full
DWLM: Clear
Thyroid: Normal (August 2023)
Eyes: Normal w/ Breeder Options (A3: Distichiasis) (August 2021)
OFA CHIC176290

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Accomplishments & Accolades
  • Second Eurasier to earn their Certificate of Merit
  • First US Bred Eurasier to earn their Certificate of Merit
  • First Eurasier to earn their Certificate of Merit 2
  • AKC Highest Pointed Eurasier in Breed
  • 9 Best in Open Show Wins
  • 13 Group Placements


Just a regular gal about town.

Rhu ("roo") is a do-anything dog.  Reliable and steady, she is a confident and mellow sort of dog who adapts well wherever she goes. From early puppyhood, Rhu has come to "work" every day, where while everyone else toils she sets about her own duties: being a decorative element who placidly greets customers from all walks of life. She is unobtrusive, too familiar with the comings and goings of strangers to feel they warrant much interest, but pleased to be spoken to and pet. She adores her people, greeting her favorites with enthusiasm and wiggly, happy dances. 

Gentle with puppies, and patient with young dogs, she serves as an adult mentor to friends bringing up young puppies as a neutral adult who engages in just enough play without risking the health or wellbeing of an infant dog. She's rational, more than anything else. As with many spitz-type dogs, training activities such as skills in obedience or general trick training are ones where she's been encouraged to play along with the game, but it was not an inherent bidibility that motivated her. Rather, she genuinely enjoys any activity where she is included: she likes working with her people, however she isn't so insensible that she doesn't demand a fee (cookies. it's cookies.) 

She's shown successfully in conformation, an activity she probably enjoys as running in the big circle and being pet is genuinely pleasurable. Also, she is plied with cookies. There is a theme there, obviously enough. In a fairly short career, Rhu has swept up 7 Best in Open Show wins and ten additional grou placements. She is the first US Bred Eurasier to earn their Certificate of Merit, the second CM holder in breed, and the first in breed to earn their CM2-- in six weekends! From here, we anticipate continuing to show but hope to prioritize a new puppy soon. For Rhu herself, we hope to send her into the Junior Handling ring as she is adaptable and savvy enough to play Dog Show regardless of who is at the other end of the leash. It's a very fun game for her, and the opportunity to present FSS Breeds to a wider audience while allowing a Junior Handler to showcase their skills as a handler feels like a win for everyone. Particularly Rhu, who will likely be plied heavily which chicken to her endless delight.

Outside of her various professions of Office Dog and Show Dog, she enjoys a long meandering walk in the city or town, offleash where appropriate and legal, as well as swimming, herding the cats and cozying up to every barista at every coffee shop we pass by, as the reinforcement history is strong and folks in aprons give cookies and whipped cream.


Greenwich Kennel Club, East Norwalk, CT
June 12, 2021 : FSS Group 3; FSS Group 4


Greenwich Kennel Club, East Norwalk, CT
June 11, 2022 : Best in Open Show; FSS Group 2


Winter Blast Cluster, Oaks, PA
Dec. 8, 2022 : FSS Group 2
Dec. 9, 2022 : FSS Group 4
Dec. 10, 2022 : Best in Open Show
Dec. 11, 2022 : Best of Breed


Celtic Classic, York, PA

Mar. 15, 2023 : FSS Group 1
Mar. 16, 2023 : Best in Open Show
Mar. 17, 2023 : FSS Group 2
Mar. 18, 2023 : Best of Breed, FSS Group 2
Mar. 19, 2023 : Best of Breed, FSS Group 2

Rhode Island Kennel Club, Inc.

Apr. 15, 2023 : Best in Open Show
Apr. 16, 2023 : Best in Open Show

Greenwich Kennel Club, East Norwalk, CT
June 10, 2023 : FSS Group 3
June 11, 2023 : Best in Open Show; Best in Open Show

Cranberry Cluster, Falmouth, MA
Sept. 16, 2023 : FSS Group 2, Best in Open Show
Sept. 17, 2023 : FSS Group 1, FSS Group 2


Nutmeg Cluster, Brooklyn, CT
May 11, 2024: Best in Open Show


In fairly limited showing, Rhu earned her Certificate of Merit in York, PA following her Best in Open Show win. She then went on to earn her CM2 in East Norwalk, CT at the Greenwich Kennel Club's Open Show following two consecutive Open Show wins. Four months post-whelp, she was exhibited once in Brooklyn, CT where she earned a BIOS win & 5 points, completing her CM3.


Public health records linked where applicable. Visit OFA for to view International Ratings Matrix for Hips. Definitions & explanations for Elbow results can be found through the IEWG & OFA.
Other health records available through Eurasier Databank (Account Required). Pedigrees do not tell a complete story for any dog, but requirements for OFA CHIC and explanations for health issues within the breed may also be beneficial reading.
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